Wii U abandons friend code and implement something similar to Gamertags

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Wii U abandons friend code and implement something similar to Gamertags

Post by S.yo on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:25 am

The good news comes in this case by Adrian Blunt, producer at Ubisoft, who in response to the classic question of how the Wii U unfold with online responded that "has no association with the console, but the user ". Or what is, in other words, we will have something similar to the gamertags. In fact following the agreed question is equal. But he added more interesting information about this topic:

"Then there is the ability to easily finding your friends. Instead of using friend codes, which are already in the past, we will be able to connect between players more easily, which in turn will allow us to have a community that is playing the same game at once. "

Reading between the lines one might assume, therefore, that he would implement a social component to the issue and can see the friends of our friends, see what they play, etc. What has become customary services such as PlayStation Network, Steam, Xbox Live, Xfire, and many others. The only thing missing would be the achievements, to which Blunt replied with a terse:

"I...I can't answer that at this time."

Do we go back to read between the lines or let it run? Although the rule for Nintendo 3DS, we should not assume the same for Wii U.

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