Miyamoto confirms Zelda HD on Wii U: we rub our hands

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Miyamoto confirms Zelda HD on Wii U: we rub our hands

Post by S.yo on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:33 am

When I asked what had impressed me more game at E3 2011 will not hesitate to bring to Luigi's Mansion 2. Eye, which is not the same impression that preference, because if I question the title I liked the answer would fall on the Nintendo booth.

And if you're thinking I'm going to take to refer to the technical demo Zelda for Wii U, you're wrong, do not go around the joint. My answer would be Luigi's Mansion 2 because, in fact, Link was just that, a demonstration of what the new platform can give.

Do not deny that if this "experience" had been presented which game in progress, would have chosen over any other title. The Kyoto may well have, because just two weeks after Shigeru Miyamoto himself has confirmed that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will arrive in stunning HD:

" This is a high-definition platform, our first HD console and want to create a Zelda game in real HD. Implement a thorough facelift in keeping with the technology and find new styles of play as fun and interesting for its mechanics. "

Clearly the work in the tech demo will not fall on deaf ears and what we will see similar (if not better) in visual terms. We refer to our impressions on site to remember what gave us the look to that ultradetallado Link, who looked as it made ​​us dream that famous trailer for Nintendo Gamecube (recycled post in Wind Waker).

Miyamoto has also confirmed that the Wii U Remote incorporate web browser. So while you play, other users can entertain themselves in other things.

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