The draft is done.

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The draft is done.

Finally! The league draft is over, our teams are set, and the first edition of the League of Captains is headed for a start in five days.

It's one thing to organize a league, but it's another level to play matches. Where former leagues like the UML failed, I have tightened up, with stronger organization, a more centralized model, and other improvements.

The first week of matches is June 25. The Captains' Cup will be played on August 27.

Here's a look at the eight teams and what I think:

Duckz 4 Life
D4L could be quirky and strong enough to get far in the competition. Norway and Nave are Mario Kart Wii veterans, for instance, and Boost and Cookie help round out the lineup.

With what may just be the longest tag in competitive Mario Kart Wii, there will only be one letter left for each player on this squad to fit in a name. Luckily, there's a chart on the clan thread:

D. Holic
Y. Sagar
N. Bane
A. Diego
M. Eagle
I. Lunar
C. Chilo

(Suggestion: Swap Holic and Diego.)

The Latin American connection — well, if you count Canada as part of Latin America. Let's hope that Matt and Joe can speak a little Spanish on this line with Pyster, Webs, Alan, and Killer.

RusoX is the headline name on this squad, though it also has ZRoyal and Mugen.

Dedede's Dandy Dictatorship
With a name so long the tables can't handle it, Triple-D puts Chema, Frenchy, and the ever-caustic Eric on one team, among others.

The first draft pick went to Eirik's line, and Cool from Infected with Skill is the marquee name on this team, along with Bounty, Troy and TK64.

Badass Union
The only team older than the league, Badass Union returns as the only surviving UML team. You'll find Evoker, Monk and Salad here.

Shinda Sekai Sensen
This clan is an attempt to answer a critical question: "What happens if team lines are random?" With every player selected by a computer number generator, Triple-S has everything from Jorge and Chucho to Erratic and Near. Early professional outlooks have been negative for this clan, though.


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