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★Rules of the League of Captains | Season 1

1. Teams

a. Teams are the entities that compete in the LOC.
b. They include a Captain, as well as seven racers, for a total of eight members.
c. No more than three members can be from one clan.

2. Captains
a. Captains are the persons designated as the head of a team.
b. They have the right to name the team.
c. They are also automatically part of the Board of Captains (see section 9).

3. Format
a. Only one conference of play is fielded for the first season.
b. Teams play in two randomly-selected conferences, playing a seven-week season against all of their opponents in their conference. The top four teams from each conference advance to a playoff format.
c. Teams host either four or three times in a season. Hosts are reversed on the same schedule in alternating seasons, so a team hosts half its matches over two seasons.
d. Teams are rated by their performance: two points for a win, zero for a loss, and one for a tie or a loss by less than 20 points. In case of a tie in the rankings, point margin in the matches determines the tie breaker.
e. The top eight teams (four from each conference) go on to a playoff format for another three weeks to determine one league champion. Hosting rights, as well as seedings, are determined by the regular season rankings. The final game is played between the winners of the two conference playoffs.

4. Registration

a. Eight players can be registered for any one team, including the Captain.
b. Registration requires proof of pictures. These can be the same pictures used for registering in the World Clan League.
c. World Clan League Rules § 1a-c-d and 2 apply unless otherwise indicated in these rules.
d. If a team uses an unregistered player that scores less than 30 points during the war, his or her points do not count and a 30-point penalty is assessed.

5. Replacement of Players

a. Players may be replaced on a team if the person declares that they are unavailable for real life reasons or if the person has been banned by the Board of Captains.
b. The replacement player is randomly awarded to the team from the pool of standby players.

6. Trades

a. Evenly-matched trades may be made in the offseason and up to the start of the fifth week of the regular season.
b. Two trades to separate teams must be made during the offseason by each team.
c. Notice of trades shall be given to the league Commissioner and to moderators to move the applicable registration threads.

7. Mii Names

See World Clan League Rules § 3.

8. Wars

a. Wars are governed by the World Clan League Rules § 5-15 and 17 unless otherwise indicated in these rules.
b. Please note that section 19 is not applied in this league.
c. In the playoffs, forfeit wins are scored at 200-0 instead of 100-0.

9. Board of Captains

a. The Board of Captains consists of all Captains in the League, as well as the Commissioner. (This means that it has 17 members.)
b. Its members are listed in Thrasher Blue unless they are moderators or administrators.
c. The Board votes on action in cases of unsportsmanlike conduct and related penalties, as well as proposed changes in format or rules.
d. The Board of Captains, thus, is the equivalent to the World Clan League Council in the application of some World Clan League Rules sections in the League of Captains.
e. The Board of Captains upholds actions taken by other disciplinary bodies (such as the World Clan League Council) with respect to player conduct, such as bans. A one-season World Clan League ban corresponds to a one-season ban in the League of Captains.

10. Miscellany

a. In case of a discrepancy between the rules in English and the rules in another language, the rules in English override the others.

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